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EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM: The development of a Sustainability Course in collaboration with various educational institutions for the marine industry.

HONORARY POC "FLEET BLUE": Each year, POC will honor the most ingenious and "sustainably-oriented" yachts in the world...those with the most progressive applications of sustainable materials, technology and product. These yachts will become part of POC's "Fleet BLUE" and showcase the descriptive qualities that have made them such. 

"Fleet BLUE" Club                                       Vessels are welcome to apply to the Fleet BLUE Club with entry approved upon evaluation based on a seven-point system reflecting vessel systems, pollution prevention and water use efficiency, energy generation, propulsion system, emissions efficiency, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and systems performance, vessel operations and maintenance, innovation in design, and refit site selection.

POC Membership                                     Available to all shipyards, brokerage firms, charter companies, suppliers, builders, designers and more. Provides knowledge hub, collaborative opportunities, access to invitation-only events, discounts and more.  


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EXPERIENTIAL VENUES:  POC executes exclusive events where guests fully experience the ocean's magic and innovative, sustainable solutions first hand, such as the Ocean Zen Lounge.

These experiential events are held worldwide at yacht shows, marinas, luxury events, film festivals, financial conferences, and more. Attendees are immersed in the beauty and rejuvenating power of a virtual 360 degree ocean world. Sustainable innovation and luxury abound, in a venue that serves as a thought leadership platform where great minds meet and unsuspecting collaborations are born.

Guests enjoy unlimited networking opportunities,  while sponsors receive unmatched brand exposure within and outside of the yachting industry.

Why do we do this? Because the affluent and "celebrity" demographic are trendsetters, and events attended by VIPs of all kinds -- from actors, models and athletes to leaders of industry, environmentalists, and government-- fuel the PR engine. They get the word out quickly and powerfully to the rest of the world and have the power to influence human behavior and lifestyle choices. The yachting industry serves this demographic and has the honor to PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS THAT MINIMIZE THE IMPACT LIFESTYLES HAVE ON THE OCEANS.



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PANELS, THINK-TANKS & FORUMS: POC spearheads and participates in worldwide educational events, summits and forums in and out-side of the yachting industry. These events feature key-note speakers, break-out groups and think-tanks that spark sustainable, ocean-friendly solutions focused on innovation, products, technology, luxury, science, environment and more.

POC hosts experiential social events and post-summit gatherings to bring together thought-leaders, delegates and innovators of all walks for the ultimate opportunity to share ideas, brainstorm and forge new relationships and collaborations.

These gatherings are held at global yacht shows, conferences, sustainable design and innovation events, impact investing forums, Family Office Networks, prominent luxury events, and more.