Sustainability Scientist / Anthropologist / Human Health / Medical Doctor

Dr. Vienna Eleuteri joins us from beautiful Italy and is the Sustainability Manager at the Italian yacht-builder VSY and President of The Eulabor Institute, a multidisciplinary research institute for sustainability. Vienna is also very active in her work with the Ministry of Justice and The Ministry of Environment of Rome, Italy, in addition to launching a concrete program at the Marine System Expo as well as the Milan Expo 2015.

Dr. Eleuteri is a distinguished Sustainability Scientist and has coordinated several international projects in sustainable development, human health and environmental effects of pollution. Vienna works with governments and communities to introduce sustainable practices and adaptive technologies that reduce the vulnerability to climate change and promote sustainable development. She possesses expertise in sustainability strategy and implementation as well as the systems, governance, public policy, scientific research and stakeholder engagement aspects of this agenda.

She is currently working on Yacht 2.0, a Computational Sustainability model based program that has its focus on developing computational methods to be applied to project and production processes. Computational Sustainability is an interdisciplinary field that aims to apply techniques from computer science, operations research, applied mathematics and statistics for balancing environmental, economic, and social needs for sustainable development. VSY is making a great effort to achieve this objective and provide the yachting industry with this scientific support that could facilitate in a concrete way access to sustainable-oriented policies to the entire sector, while respecting the fundamental environmental cost-benefit ratio.