Boutique Luxury Yacht Sales / Eco-Friendly Solutions

Tony is the Chairman & CEO of North Star Yachting, which he founded after graduating with an International Business MBA (1989) degree out of the US. North Star Yachting is one of the most respected "boutique" luxury yachting companies in the world with its head office in Monaco specializing in Superyacht Sales with offices in New York and Athens, as well as activity in Sao Paulo and Geneva. North Star is the exclusive dealer for Baia High Performance Yachts and Arcadia, the eco-friendly Superyachts, reflecting his passion for the health and well-being of our oceans.

Passionate for the true values of life and marine heritage, Tony is actively involved as the Vice President for European Affairs of the Traditional Boats Association as well as a hands-on role with the West Med Liaison of the Greek Yachting Association.

Tony was also the Vice President of the Classic Yachts Association out of Piraeus, Greece, which has salvaged hundreds of Classic Yachts minutes from their destruction. Driven by affection to these masterpieces, Tony has educated local and EU officials into protective legislative reforms that keep these monuments afloat.