JOYCE G. CLEAR, Founder, President 

Joyce has always known from a young age that she wanted to make a difference in the world. In constant pursuit of a career that would provide a great deal of fulfillment, she traded in Wall Street as a Commodities Futures Representative for the field of interior design where her creative and visionary passion would serve in the most unpredictable that would support the health and well-being of the oceans.

With a love for the sea instilled within her from a lifetime of experiences on the waters of Montauk and a Commander in the US Navy for a father, Joyce founded Ports of Cause in 2009. The organization has changed and grown through the years to finally settle into a niche that would address ocean advocacy from a preventative approach: to promote sustainable innovation, practices, solutions and wellness through the power and reach of the yachting industry.

The culture of POC is mirrored in her interior design firm, Clear Yacht Interiors, allowing her to successfully fuse career and cause into her every day life.  Forward-thinking, ocean-friendly solutions that support wellness at sea and on land are at the very heart of what she believes.

Joyce has served as a panelist for responsible yachting materials and sustainable design including the BOAT International Design Symposium, MARE Forum and USSA Superyacht Symposium.


Creative Director 




Operations Director