Foundation and Financial Advisor

Natalya Muravchik is a Financial Advisor at J.P. Morgan Securities, the Wealth Management division of J.P. Morgan.  She works with high net worth individuals and families offering sophisticated strategies for portfolio management and tax minimization strategies, from retirement and estate planning to cash/liquidity management.   Natalya began her career at BlackRock, negotiating contracts for swaps, repo and futures before transitioning to the Wealth Management Group where she worked with ultra-high net worth individuals, Family Offices and Foundations and Endowments.  After 6 years at BlackRock, she spent 5 years at Merrill Lynch continuing to help her clients navigate the financial markets.

Natalya earned her M.B.A from NYU Stern School of Business in Financial Instruments and Markets and Global Business, where she also served as VP of Alumni for the leadership committee.   She spent her last semester studying Business in Asia at National University of Singapore, where she furthered her passion for Global Economics. 

An avid traveler and animal lover, Natalya has always been passionate about preserving the environment. She worked with animal rescue organizations to help relocate animals to their natural habitats.  Natalya also translated her passion into her work life by creating sustainability focused investment portfolios.  Now, with Ports of Cause, she is excited to be a part of a successful global effort to bring change to the yachting industry.